Waiting to Adopt: Prepare a first aid kit specifically for children

Celebrating the arrival of your child is an exciting time, but it’s also important to be prepared for emergencies that can occur. Having a first aid kit on hand will help ensure the safety of your child should the unexpected happen. If time allows, we recommend assembling the first aid kit ahead of time.

To get started visit the American Red Cross for a list of nearby training courses including First Aid/CPR, Caregiving and Babysitting. They also have an extensive list of items to include in your family first aid kit. Buy extra supplies so that you can keep an extra kit in your car. They provide detailed information on everything from the flu to natural disasters. Red Cross covers all ground necessary to stay prepared. You can also find plenty of pre-packaged, kid-friendly first aid kits.

It’s also important to make you home a safe environment for kids. One Step Ahead features child safety products for home and on-the-go. For an interactive learning experience visit, KidsHealth, a website that and helps you stay informed about your child’s health and safety. It has an advice site for parents, as well as a kids and teens section that explains the importance of safety and what’s happening to their growing bodies.

It never hurts to be prepared!

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