Waiting to Adopt: Preparing with Parenting and Adoption Books

How is parenting in open adoption different? Before it’s time to bring your baby home from the hospital it’s very beneficial to read up on what adoptive parenting entails. In open adoption particularly, it is important to consider all sides to the story; your role as adoptive parent(s), the level of openness you want to nurture with the birthparents and their families, and above all, the needs of your child.

The list of books below can help you better understand all perspectives involved in open adoption and how to prepare for the emotions that arise before, during and after the birth of your child. We have also included a list of books on general parenting advice, including what to expect as your child develops.

Adoption Related Books:

There are many excellent books on adoption and we have referenced just a few here. We recommend Tapestry Books, which have an excellent selection of books for everyone involved in adoption.

General Parenting Books:

And, once your baby arrives, the real fun begins! Head to the book store to find books for every stage of his/her development. If you have no idea which books are best for your child at 3 months, or 6 months, or 9 months visit Parenting.com for helpful list of books for every baby stage.

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