Waiting to Adopt: Select A Name for Baby

“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet.” ~ William Shakespeare

Regardless of what you name your child, you will love he/she unconditionally. But picking out a name is one of the most exciting things to do before your child arrives! It’s a way to create a meaningful connection, whether it be familial, personally sentimental, or inspired by the birth family. Babyhold.com is a great resource to search baby names based on family origin, famous names, unique names, as well as many other categories.

Here are some more sites to get ideas:

BabyZone: They have celebrity baby names, as well as other names you can search with origin and meaning

MomsWhoThink: Provides baby names with tips, and also the top baby names for each decade as far back as 1880!

babycenter: This site lets you search baby names by gender, popularity, syllables, what you want it to start or end with, origin, or by meaning! Very useful!

Make the naming process fun! Think outside the box. If you get frustrated coming to a decision, consult the Name Inventor. It’s sure to make you laugh!

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  • BabyCenter is also a great resource as your child grows.  You can get weekly emails on developmental milestones, what to expect next, or how to deal with specific things your child might be going through.

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