Waiting to Adopt: Select a Pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician you can trust is important. There are three types of providers to look for: pediatricians, family physicians, and pediatric nurse practitioners. The first step is in deciding which type of provider you would like for your child and then choosing a pediatrician. It’s a good idea to get to ask questions and review their experience. You also want to find the right personality fit. If you really want to know the details you can run a background check on pediatricians for more information such as: where they earned their degree, if they are board certified, if they’ve been disciplined by a state medical board, licensure history, location, and specialty.

Some great resources to also assist you are American Academy of Pediatrics and the Healthy Children website where you can find articles, common health issues among children, information on growth stages, and much more.

Remember to keep in mind what feels right for you. One doctor might be a good fit for someone else’s child but not your own. Weigh your options and get to know the doctors before making a decision. For more tips check out these sites:

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