Waiting to Adopt: Selecting Child Care Provider

When your child becomes old enough and you have to go back to work, finding the right child care can be another worry to tackle. Before you start freaking out about finding the perfect situation, we have some tips to help ease your worries! The Baby Center breaks it down into six steps: Identify your priorities, do your research, visit/interview, check references, kid-test it, and get on the waiting list. The link provided offers more detail about what to do for each step.

Child Care Aware is also a great tool to help you find and learn about high-quality child care. There is also a section providing pages for parents to help you become more informed as a child care consumer. The National Association for Child Care is another great resource. They provide a parent section where you can look for accredited child care providers by name, city, county, state, zip code, or area code.

There is also the option of hiring a sitter or nanny. If you want to explore this route check out Sitter City. They even have resources for housekeeping and tutoring!

Don’t fret! There are a wide variety of resources to help you find experienced and trustworthy child care providers. Just starting the search early so that you have time to find the right fit for you and your child!

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  • You can also check out your state’s government website or family and social services division to find more information.  There should be public, current records of every licensed facility in the state, when their last inspection was,  and if there were any infractions.  This can be helpful information!

  • As we wait to be selected, we’ve thought a lot about childcare. We’re hoping to minimize the time our baby’s not with us, but the reality is we’ll probably need a little help. Nice to know we’re not alone, and that there are good options out there.

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