6 Tips for a Successful Adoption Facebook Page

Jason & Justin, an IAC waiting family from Nebraska, know a thing or ten about making an adoption Facebook page successful: their page has over 1500 likes! They were generous enough to share some tips on how to mimic their success on their blog recently. Below is an excerpt of their post:

Adoption Facebook experts Jason & Justin

Jason and Justin with their dog, Bailey

  1. Get a Memorable Name – Each page has a unique URL or name that can be linked to the adoption profile or other adoption material.  Choose a page name that is easy to remember.  Also keep in mind this is the name that people will see, so keep it relevant to the adoption.   We picked facebook.com/JasonandJustinAdopt  for our Facebook page name.
  2. Grab their Attention – Choose a cover photo and profile image that is eye catching and lures people into the Facebook page.   We liked the cover photos that had been edited to include the toll-free number and personal adoption website name in the graphic.  Another recommendation is to maintain consistency with the iHeartAdoption.com and Dear Birth Mother Letter profile photos so there is a consistent look-and-feel to the main photos across sites.
  3. Just the Facts – Make sure all the relevant information is quickly available for the people viewing your page.   Take time to fill in the “About” section with the adoption email address, toll-free number, Independent Adoption Center (IAC) website, and your personal website information.  The “About” section shows approximately 2 sentences on the main Facebook page, so keep this brief and to the point.  Experiment with this section to make sure you have the relevant information showing on the front page.  Any lengthier text can be added to the “Description” section when the reader clicks for more information.
  4. Like other Adoption Profiles – “Like” other pages that are adoption or family oriented and don’t be afraid to ask the page owners to repost your content or share your page. Remember Facebook is a web of inter-linked pages and getting your page connected to other sites helps the chances of people finding your page.   One thing to be aware of is the pages “liked” show up on the Facebook main page.  Make sure to go into the settings and manage what “liked pages” appear on your profile so the top 5 most important ones are displayed.
  5. Gain Insights – Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to like your page.  Make a push to get the first 25 friends to like your page so you can get access to “Insight” pages that Facebook offers.   The “Insights” allow adoptive parents to see how far their posts reach, engagement of users, popularity of each post, and demographic information of the people that liked the page. Insights can even tell you when is the best time to make a post is as most users are online.

Be sure to check out the rest of their tips on their blog: 10 Tips for a Successful Adoption Facebook Page.

And finally, a bonus 11th tip: Check out their Facebook page to see their strategies in action!

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