5 Useful Tips for Effective Adoption Networking

Networking is one of the best tools one can utilize on the journey to adopt.  So what are some ways to really get the most out of networking and how can it be done?  With so much ground to cover, we wanted to focus on just the 5 most useful tips for effective networking:

1.  Set Networking Goals.

Create a plan or goal that works for you, and reach for it!  Where do you see yourself being in the next few weeks with networking?  It’s important to know where you want to go before you start moving.  There are a lot of tools and resources available, so it’s very helpful to understand your options as well as setting goals for what you want to do.

2.  Utilize the Internet.

There are so many great online resources that can help you on your networking journey.  There are free tracking tools like Google Analytics that you can use to track your progress along the way.  It’s also great to utilize social media resources like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  Create a page or video specifically for adoption and tell your story to really reach out to birthparents.  This also will give you an extra avenue to connect with birthparents in addition to your online profile and printed letters.

Blogs are also a wonderful tool to gain exposure in the online communities.  If you do create a blog or any social media pages, it’s also important to keep them current so that your page is active.  That way, your visitors will know that you do actually visit your media page or blog on a regular basis and that it’s current.

3.  Get involved with community outreach.

Try reaching out locally, whether it’s via the newspaper, a magazine, flyers, bulletins, radio, or even television.  It’s so important to make as many connections as possible.  Are you affiliated with any specific organization or institution?  Think of advertising anywhere that you can place advertisements there, just be sure to have permission in advance.

4. Try paid online advertising.

These are tools you can use to help advertise your online profile or if you have a personal website.  Google and Yahoo Ads are paid per click and appear on the Internet in two very distinct areas: one is called “search” and the other “content.” Search ads are the advertisements on the Internet that appear at the top and down the right side of a search results page.  Content ads are those that appear on websites related to the “content” of the ad.  Learn more and see detailed tutorials at:

            Google: http://www.adwords.com

            Yahoo: http://www.marketingsolutions.yahoo.com

5.  Be Consistent.

Keep at it to accomplish your goals and don’t give up!  Also it’s important to reevaluate along the way once you’ve tried to see what works vs. what hasn’t been working as well for you so that you can work to make it more effective.  Don’t be afraid to try new things and be creative, but most importantly keep at it.


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