A Family Made in Abilene, Texas

Matt & Trey are an adoptive family from Tennessee. When we last shared their story, they had just finished up all their adoption paperwork and had begun the search for their future birthmother. As Trey put it, “Ready, Set, Wait!”. Fast forward to now and we see them in Abilene, Texas, where their son Harper was born. Here’s the latest in their adoption journey:

Matthew with baby Harper

Matthew with baby Harper

The short five minute ride to the Abilene Fairfield Inn & Suites was a breeze. Harper did not even notice that she was riding solo in the back seat. It was the first and only time of the trip that she didn’t have company watching her every move. The hotel staff was waiting patiently for our arrival. Before we even opened the car door, several staff members were peeking out of the lobby. Hoping for a quick peek of the new arrival.

As we made it to the room with our cart full of bottles, diapers, luggage, baby clothing and everything else that would fit into the Honda Pilot, we were met with a pleasant surprise. The entire hotel staff had signed a banner that said “It’s a Girl.” They had even filled the room with pink balloons and pink flowers. We were in awe of the amazing hospitality that we had received from the hotel staff. It felt like Texas had rolled out the red carpet and welcomed us with open arms.

This would be our first night alone with Harper and our first chance to settle into our new roles as parents. For those of you that have adopted or are in the process of adopting are aware that you are theoretically babysitting until relinquishment documents have been signed and the termination process is complete.

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