Adopting Families Find Friends and Mutual Aid

During the adoption wait, many waiting adoptive families feel somewhat isolated from their close friends and family as they deal with the complex emotions that are brought up by the wait. One of the ways people cope with this is to reach out to other waiting families via support groups and online communities.

Two current IAC families, Holly & Heather and Kim & Scott, have formed a special friendship during this time. They have decided to help each other by writing in their respective blogs about the amazing parents the other family will be. We agree, and present below excerpts from their innovative networking efforts.

From Heather & Holly:

We first met Scott & Kim during our “weekend intensive” with our adoption agency – a weekend-long introduction to the world of open adoption that was indeed, intense. There isn’t much we remember about that weekend; our heads were spinning, our hearts were pounding, and the excitement made much of it a blur. We do remember Kim & Scott though and the genuine warmth that radiated from them. They were so authentic and friendly that we were delighted when Kim reached out to us 5 months after we went live, to ask how our wait was going. Read the rest at their blog.

From Scott & Kim:

We discussed what it would mean to be older parents. While having different infertility experiences, we were able to share them easily, knowing that there would be understanding. We talked about our nurseries and how they wouldn’t be Pottery Barn beautiful but charming and artistic and perfect for our families. We were able to discuss how strange and unnatural it felt for us to have our lives on display and photographing and writing about our lives continuously for our online presence. We talk about how hard the wait can be sometimes. But mostly, we laugh. Read the rest at their blog.

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  • Victoria

    Thanks for the post. My cousin has been trying adopt of a long time. She says that adopting a child can be really difficult. Is there any ways for it to be easier?

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