Announcing IAC’s Mobile Apps for iOS, Android

The Independent Adoption Center (IAC) released a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices last week. On Android devices search for “Open Adoption.” On iOS search for “Adoption Help.” The app provides important adoption resources and search features for potential birthparents and families seeking to adopt. Potential birthparents can search for families interested in adoption, as well as connect with pregnancy counselors and receive information about the adoption process – all for free.

Screenshot of Open Adoption“The purpose of the app is to provide a new way for people to get quality information about open adoption and how the process works,” said Ryan Schwab, IAC Marketing Director. “We also hope to match more families with potential birthparents using the technology.” The technology, developed by Bay Area team Reliable Coders, shows just one of the many ways IAC is bringing cutting-edge technology to adoption practice to ensure that birth and adoptive parents can connect in the most transparent way possible.

True to this goal, the forward-thinking app includes features that allow users to:

  • Search for pre-approved families ready to adopt, based on preferences such as religious, family-type, ethnic and racial background.
  • Connect with families located nearby using GPS settings.
  • Find information about the adoption process, how open adoption works, and how IAC can help.
  • Get free access to professional pregnancy counselors for more information, and answers to any questions.

“We have been a progressive agency since the beginning,” said Schwab. “Among our most important goals is to ensure that women are supported and aware of all their options. The app will help women to understand adoption so they can make the choice that is best for them.”

The IAC screens and approves all adoptive families featured on the app.

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  • Wow! This is when parenting meets technology. Am sure this particular app will be of great use to people, especially mothers. For people looking to increase their family, this app will be of very good use.

  • This is surely an great application. A better way for adopting children. A good step taken from developers. Hey, It should also be introduced on Windows 7/8 Phone.

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