Celebrating National Adoption Month by Giving Thanks…

November is National Adoption Month, so let’s celebrate! Whether you’re an adoptee, an alumni, (adoptive parents or birthparents) or in the process of adopting, we’d like to hear about your adoption experiences through an open letter.  What has open adoption made you thankful for? 

Please share with us some of your most memorable adoption experiences and/or what open adoption has made you thankful for.  Examples for an open letter idea could be: an adoptive parent writing to your future birthmother/child or an open letter from a birthmother to her child that she’s placed or to the adoptive parents. We will be accepting submissions all this month via email at contests@adoptionhelp.org.  Check out the IAC’s Facebook and this blog to see the stories we post.  We look forward to sharing your open letters and showing thanks to open adoption!

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    Adoption is a gift of life, love and hope, and ensures a future of
    love and opportunity for a child whose mother is not able at that point
    in time, to take on the responsibility of being a parent.

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