In Memory of Ellen Roseman

We are sad to announce that Ellen Roseman passed away on April 20, 2013 after a long battle with liver cancer. Ellen was an adoptive mother and adoption facilitator in Northern California.

Ellen RosemanShe was a dedicated advocate for open adoption for 30 years. She helped educate the world about open adoption (I fondly remember doing many workshops with Ellen at adoption conferences over a 20 year time period), and she brought many families together through open adoption. Ellen’s vibrant spirit touched everyone she met.

We send our condolences to her family, including her three daughters.

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  • Ken & Nancy

    Thank you for posting this memory of Ellen. In December 2000, you and Ellen helped us to adopt our first child. Since then we have been blessed with two more. The kindness, compassion and experience you and Ellen shared with us made our adoption journey richer and us much wiser. Warm regards, Ken and Nancy

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