‘Man of Steel’ Tells Superman’s Adoption Story

Did you know Superman was adopted? The latest Superman movie, “Man of Steel”, not only tells the story of adoption, but makes the case for openness in adoption too. IAC client Donal Murphy recently saw the film, and wrote this:

Superman was adopted too

Superman was adopted too


I went to see Man of Steel, the new Superman movie on Sunday with my father-in-law, as part of Father’s Day celebrations. The movie itself wasn’t great and I must be outgrowing the action movie genre because I spent most of the movie with my fingers in my ears protecting my eardrums from the outrageous cacophony of noise in the movie and the volume-level set within the theater.But what I enjoyed about the movie and what really struck me as I sat there with my fingers in my ears was that woven into the crash-bang, buildings falling down, spaceships zipping through the sky and military aircraft trying to shoot them down, was an extraordinary adoption story. And more to the point, an adoption story that makes a wonderful case for open adoption.

From childhood through adolescence, Clark Kent, aka Superman, knew that he was different. He had extraordinary powers, which he struggled to understand. Being unsure of himself, he kept to himself, which subjected him to the ridicule of other kids who perceived him as weird.

You can read the rest of this review at his blog (Warning: spoilers!).

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