Our Adoption Journey

Editor: For Adoption Awareness Month we asked our families what adoption made them thankful for. Here is a heartfelt response from Candy. The Jensens are an adoptive family from Tracy, CA.

Our journey to becoming a family began as newlyweds. Like many other couples, the ‘traditional’ path was not destined for us. Instead, our journey brought us to Independent Adoption Center, and to the beginning of our own family.

The Jensen FamilyThere are so many things that we are grateful for in this process – our families for always being there and never questioning our desire to pursue an open adoption. The counselors who helped us get through months of waiting. For the friends we’ve made along the way with others in their own adoption journeys.

Mostly though, we can never truly express how honored and lucky we are that Alex’s birthmother chose us. To those who say we did an amazing thing by adopting our son, I say we aren’t the amazing ones. Alex’s birthmother is the amazing one. She loved him so much, wanted so much for him that she made the most painful decision and allowed him to be our son. She forever changed our lives and there are no words that can express the deep love, respect and gratitude that we have for her. We are forever linked as a family, our hearts and lives bound by love. She also taught us that we can love more than we ever thought possible, and in ways we never could have imagined prior to becoming parents.

Alex will always know how much he is loved, by all of his family. That his birthmother is an amazing woman with incredible strength, and that she loves him so much more than he may ever understand. We know that our family would not be complete without open adoption. We have so much to be thankful for, and cannot believe how lucky we are to have been so blessed.

Knowing that we have more love to share, our adoption journey continues as we plan to adopt again. Whatever our path forward holds, we are looking forward to every step, as a family.

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