Texas HB201: Same-Sex Adoption Birth Certificates

IAC stands in support of Texas House Bill 201, which would amend birth certificate requirements for adoptees. LGBTQ and same-sex families may adopt under current Texas law, but they face a problem at the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics. Because of a change made to the law in 1997, supplemental birth certificates (used for adoptions in Texas) must be signed by a male and a female.

Rep Rafael Anchia

HB 201 Author Rep. Rafael Anchia of Dallas

The law as it stands today only hurts the rights of children in Texas by preventing them from obtaining a single document listing both of their legal parents. In some cases, the Texas BVS has refused to issue a birth certificate at all! By fixing this administrative roadblock, adoptee’s would be able to travel with either of their legal parents, register at school with either parent, and be able to legally inherit from both parents. These are all human rights that must be given to all adoptee’s without discrimination.

In summary, this bill will correct the current injustice done to adoptees of same-sex parents in Texas. The HB201 fact sheet sums it up perfectly: “It is wickedly wrong to use children as pawns in a political game.”

We couldn’t agree more. Texans, please contact your representative and urge them to support HB201.

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