True Stories of Open Adoption

What is it like to adopt a baby or place your newborn in an adoption? Find out with this new collection of firsthand accounts of real adoption stories.

Cover of True Stories of Open AdoptionEach family that is created through open adoption has it’s own unique story. Preparation time, wait time, the length of the match between adoptive and birthparents, the hospital experience, and ongoing contact between the birth and adoptive families are different for everyone. In an effort to educate the general population and prospective birth and adoptive parents, Independent Adoption Center has compiled True Stories of Open Adoption from past clients and staff members who agreed to share their stories of how their families came to be. The reader will be touched by these moving stories while learning about the depth of these distinctive relationships.

The book contains stories of twelve families (birth and adoptive) who worked with IAC to make an adoption plan. The stories were chosen in an effort to show the diversity of experiences families have in their adoption journeys. Each adoption story is unique, yet there are common themes you’ll find in all of them: courage, compassion, and love.

The book is volume one of what IAC hopes will be an ongoing series. It is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. The print edition will be available soon. The price of $3.99 was set so cost would not be a barrier for anyone wanting to read these stories.

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