Adoptee Rights in New Jersey

In most states in the US adoptees do not share equal rights with non-adopted persons in one important aspect: access to their original birth certificates. This document is important because its the key to understanding ones family medical history and ancestry. A bill in New Jersey that aims to fix this is heading to a vote in the State Assembly on Thursday.

An unlikely coalition is opposing the bill, including anti-choice groups and the NJ chapter of the ACLU. They argue that a birthparents right to privacy trumps an adoptees right to their original birth certificate. However, with open adoption now the norm, and with internet search engines and social networks available, the concept of a hidden and anonymous birthparent is largely an anachronism. As the Donaldson Adoption Institute revealed in a recent study, the internet makes openness in adoption inevitable.

Independent Adoption Center urges legislators in New Jersey to pass this bill and grant equal access to birth records to all citizens. You can read more about the bill here.

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