An IAC Family Gets an Early Father’s Day Gift

Chris and Thom are an IAC family from Southern California, and brand-new parents of a beautiful baby girl. In the segment below, they tell their adoption story, just in time for Father’s Day.

Chris and Thom

It starts like any other Friday. Morning coffee, off to work, lunch with colleagues. Phone rings – don’t recognize the number. Send to voicemail. Phone rings again – OK, must be important. You’ve been picked. You’re having a baby scheduled for delivery in a few hours. In Oceanside. Go.

From our early years dating we knew we wanted to build a family though it took us some time to get there. Finishing education, advancing careers, finding the house – all these were more immediately on the horizon but the mutual dream was there. If we were a straight couple perhaps the unexpected could have happened and you roll with it. Not so for us; we had the luxury of taking all the time we wished to prepare. And then the time felt right. Maybe because things were in a good place for having a family. Maybe it was because we were pushing 40. Either way, we were ready to have a baby.

Before meeting each other, we shared the same worries. The idea of having a family one day was a dream, but would our future spouse want the same? And what about raising children in a gay household – what would they experience in school. Was this right, was this possible? How would we do it?

You can read the rest of their story at LGBT Weekly.

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