IAC Adoption Experts Featured on Parenting Website

Our longtime readers know that here at the IAC, as the home of many nationally recognized leaders in adoption, we love to share information and knowledge about adoption in general, and open adoption in particular. So when we learned that a new website would be launching featured instructional videos about all aspects of parenting, we were happy to lend our efforts to help educate their audience on adoption topics.
Video screenshot of Dr. Jennifer Bliss
That website is KidsInTheHouse.com, and counted among the site’s adoption experts are IAC’s Dr. Jennifer Bliss, LCSW and Dr. Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, MSW. In over a dozen videos, they explain various aspects of the adoption process from the perspective of the adoptive parents.

To see an example, wherein Dr. Bliss highlights the difference between open and closed adoptions, click here or on the video thumbnail to the right.

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