Uncomfortable Discount: The Cost of Adopting African-American and Bi-Racial Children

We didn’t want to believe this was still happening, but we could.

Fusion, an online news and digital network, conducted a powerful interview that addressed the practice of some adoption agencies offering discounted service fees to urge adoption of African-American and biracial children. Even though some of these agencies have good intentions, this practice of offering different prices on children based on race definitely raises uncomfortable questions. The interview also discussed alternatives to agencies like these, such as adoption agencies that operate on a sliding scale model, which is based on the prospective adopting parents’ income for services, instead of placing a value on children.

Fusion’s Kimberly Brooks interviewed adoptive parents Carlos and Cassie who adopted transracially to gain their perspective on this practice.  Brooks also spoke with the IAC’s Dr. Jennifer Bliss, LCSW who stressed even further the dangerous message this sends not only to the family and child, but also to society as a whole.

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