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Mother’s Day Series: A Letter to You

Editors Note: The following is the first post for our Mother’s Day series, written by adoptive parent, Shannon Johnson to her child’s birthmother.                 It is all because of you that we get to experience this. The joy and the heart wrenching miracle that is parenthood. Because of […]

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What Annie Has Taught Us About Adoption

Editor’s Note: The following is a post by IAC’s hopeful adoptive parent, Joseph Greaves, and how listening to Annie gave him insight into what open adoption means to him. Last weekend, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do some weeding in the backyard. My husband Benjamin was out performing in a show, The […]

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On Transracial Adoption

by Angela Tucker, a Transracial Adoptee Since the debut of Closure, the film that documents my search for my birthparents, I have had flocks of adoptees – both transracial and not – approach me via email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in-person after public events. So many of these adoptees write me, saying that they finally […]

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Out in Open Adoption

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from a story written by Davidson Lloyd, an adoptive parent and one of the first gay couples to adopt through the Independent Adoption Center. “Oh, you’re a gay couple,” a cynic said, “you’ll wait a long time to adopt a child.” Many times in the journey of our […]

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The Gift of Two

Editor’s Note: In this post, adoptive parents Maura Montellano & Kat Wetherbee, talk about how they adopted twice from the same birthmother, and the bond they all share. June 22, 2010, and July 25, 2013, will always be milestones for my wife, Katherine, and I. They are the dates when we learned we’d be mothers. […]

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Our Adoption Journey

Editor’s Note: IAC’s hopeful adoptive parent, Nicole Davis, shares what led her and her husband to ultimately choose open adoption. When Don and I met and started dating, I knew there was a very real possibility I couldn’t have children. It was a discussion we needed to have because my problem would become his if […]

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Making Marketing Fun

Let’s face it, the majority of us hate marketing ourselves. We’ve all been through job interviews and dating – to name a couple examples of this process. We’ve worried ourselves by trying to make the best first impression so that things go smoothly. Writing an adoption letter, creating a facebook page, an adoption profile, etc. […]

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Try, Try Again

Editor’s Note: IAC’s hopeful waiting adoptive parent, Ana Ogilvie, shares how her and her husband never gave up on trying in the face of adversity. My husband, David, and I have a love affair with TRYING. No matter the disappointment, we have always found ways to pick ourselves up from the fall, grasp hands in […]

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Sound Investments

Editor’s Note: IAC’s Adoptive Parent, Cory Rayborn, shares how his hobby turned into a way to help fund adoption for him and his wife. My after-hours “hobby” for the last fourteen years has been the operation of an independent record label. The label grew out of my love of music and, in part, an interest […]

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An Open Letter to Santa Claus

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by IAC’s hopeful adoptive parents, Jason Hedden & Danny Yuska, writing for their one Christmas wish. Dearest Kringle, I know it has been years since my last letter in which I requested He-Man action figures and a Cabbage Patch Kid. You always came through for me as […]

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