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How Adoption Can Affect your Relationships

In this life everyone is on his or her own path. Spouses and partners sometimes travel at different speeds and take breaks at different times. In the journey to become a parent through open adoption the path can be long and challenging for some. It is normal that each person will hit highs and lows […]

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What makes adoption difficult?

Few things come to mind when I think about what made my adoption experience difficult. I choose to remember the good things now that I am here on the other side, but if I were honest with myself, then I would remember that there were difficult times during the journey too. I think the number […]

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Waiting for Adoption

By the time you decide to start the adoption journey, you may have already been waiting to become parents for a long time. When you finally sign an agency contract, pay some fees and are ready to start: then comes more waiting. There is waiting for paperwork to be completed, home studies to be scheduled, […]

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Healing After an Adoption

It took us a while to heal after my husband and I adopted our son. One would think after waiting for four years that we would be elated and all our deep wounds of infertility and childless sorrow would instantaneously go away. Well, it didn’t. We had been through the infertility roller-coaster and were still […]

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