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Adoption isn’t a Sprint, so Learn to Pace Yourself.

I was a runner in high school. I was not the fastest or strongest runner, but I enjoyed the satisfaction of finishing the race. My cross country coach, Coach T, was great. He encouraged me to do my personal best and gave me some great tips that have been helpful not only in racing, but […]

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Living in a Glass House-Being Open in our Open Adoption Journey!

Adoption is a journey of transparency.  You have to commit to openness, not just to the future birth family you will connect with, but really to the world at large.  It feels scary and risky at times.  There are days when I feel like we are living in a glass house or are the stars of […]

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Lessons From Kung Fu Panda II

Life lessons come from all around us. We might have a truth whispered to our heart through a song on the radio. We might gain wisdom from the loving words of a close friend. We might see a lesson played out in front of us at the mall or on our job. We may even […]

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