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Adoptee Night with the Atlanta Braves

For anyone in the Atlanta area: Come join us for “Adoptee Night” during the Braves game on September 16. We’ve planned Adoptee Night as a special day at the ballpark for anyone who has been touched by adoption. We noticed there aren’t many events for those in the adoption community. Our goal is to raise […]

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Study finds progress in acceptance of same-sex adoption

A recent study reported that 71% of people approve of adoption by same-sex couples. The study was conducted by Lightspeed research and asked just over a thousand people (ages 18-49) about different scenarios and reasons for adoption. Out of the thousand who were surveyed, according to a press release, 73% of women and 62% of […]

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IAC Adoption Expert, Kathleen Silber’s reaction to Today Show Segment

On June 8th, NBC’s Today Show ran a segment called “Today’s Professionals answer viewer questions.” A panel of three “experts” – Donny Deutsch, a former advertising executive, Star Jones, an attorney, and Nancy Snyderman, a physician – answered audience questions on several subjects. A question was asked about the benefits of open vs. closed adoption […]

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New Jersey Legislators to Vote on Religious Adoption Bill

A new law is closer to being passed in New Jersey that would require adoption agencies to maintain a child’s religious upbringing when placing the child in an adoptive or foster home. The bill was authored by Gary Schaer, Assembly member (D-Dist. 36) and has been approved by the Assembly Women and Children Committee. It […]

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Adoption in the Media: ‘Modern Family’ Season Finale

It’s not uncommon for TV shows to throw in a surprise twist for their season finale. The same could be said of the ABC hit comedy Modern Family a couple weeks ago. The episode brought the adoption storyline of Cam and Mitchell back to life as the two received notice from their adoption agency that […]

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