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Birthmother’s Day Tips for Adoptive Parents

Birthmother’s Day is this Saturday, May 7th, the day before Mother’s Day! What can adoptive parents do to show they care?

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‘Coming out of the Closet’ with Domestic Infant Adoption

Ann Wrixon, the Executive Director of the Independent Adoption Center reports on Gay and Lesbian adoption in the United States today. David Perry of Comcast’s “Ten Percent”* questions Wrixon on state legislation surrounding LGBT adoption and what role the IAC is playing to advocate for same-sex couples who want to adopt. Having placed about 1000 […]

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IAC Family Featured on ‘Celebrity Baby Scoop’

IAC alumni Bill Horn and Scout Masterson finalized their adoption last month in the good company of celebrity friends Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. Congratulations Bill and Scout! The IAC family, known as the ‘Guncles’ on the hit reality series Home Sweet Hollywood, say they always knew that they wanted to build their […]

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Adopting a Baby with the IAC

Recently, Barbara Rogers of Comcast NewsMakers interviewed the Independent Adoption Center’s Executive Director Ann Wrixon to find out more about open adoption with the IAC. Wrixon explains that some of the myths surrounding adoption are “simply not true”. She reports that there are infants out there to adopt. And, while some adoptive parents may have […]

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Open Adoption Magazine: The Heart of IAC

Get ready for the new issue of Open Adoption! This fall, you will laugh, cry and get all warm and fuzzy inside as you watch three IAC families pursue their dreams through open adoption. Next, Open Adoption stems from love, grows with love and thrives with love. At the root of this beautiful tree are […]

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Adoption Grants Available! offers grants of $500 to $15,000 for families expanding their families through adoption. The deadline for the next cycle of grants is OCTOBER 15, 2010. They are specifically interested in LGBT applicants. Be sure to take advantage of this offer today. See details about the program below:

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Adoption Nexus Conference

The IAC is pleased to promote the Adoption Nexus Conference in Los Angeles California on October 2, 2010. Below, Jennifer Munro, the visionary who started the conference, describes her connection with adoption and her passion for informing other adoptive parents about the options they have in adoption. For conference details visit: You will receive […]

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Breaking News: California’s Gay Marriage Ban Overturned!

The gay marriage ban in California was overturned today by Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled that the ban is “unconstitutional”. The case was brought to court by two gay couples who filed a lawsuit, saying that Prop 8 was a violation of their civil rights. Judge Walker agreed, stating that the ruling […]

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What Makes a Successful Adoptive Parent Profile?

Adoptive Family Profiles: Tools for Success

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Happy Birthmother’s Day!

There is no better time than today to honor, support and respect birthmothers everywhere for the difficult, brave and selfless decisions they have made in choosing adoption. It’s because of the sacrifices they make everyday that others’ dreams are realized. Birthmother’s Day is about taking the time to acknowledge the person who made your dream […]

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