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IAC Adoption Expert, Kathleen Silber’s reaction to Today Show Segment

On June 8th, NBC’s Today Show ran a segment called “Today’s Professionals answer viewer questions.” A panel of three “experts” – Donny Deutsch, a former advertising executive, Star Jones, an attorney, and Nancy Snyderman, a physician – answered audience questions on several subjects. A question was asked about the benefits of open vs. closed adoption [...]

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New Jersey Legislators to Vote on Religious Adoption Bill

A new law is closer to being passed in New Jersey that would require adoption agencies to maintain a child’s religious upbringing when placing the child in an adoptive or foster home. The bill was authored by Gary Schaer, Assembly member (D-Dist. 36) and has been approved by the Assembly Women and Children Committee. It [...]

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Save the Adoption Tax Credit

The IAC stands in full support of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, the result of a number of organizations and institutions who have come together to advocate for a permanent adoption tax credit. The tax credit was introduced in 1997 and has helped thousands of families afford the costs associated with adoption. The goal [...]

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IAC Sponsors OFC’s Night Out! in Support of LGBT Families

The IAC is proud to be a part of this year’s Night Out! event hosted by Our Family Coalition. Our Family Coalition strives to promote equality for LGBT families through community involvement and educational programs. Night Out! is an annual event celebrating the work of those involved with OFC. This year’s event takes place on [...]

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Adoption Tax Credit Updates

Adoption & infertility information hub Creating a Family published another helpful blog post detailing the protocol for filing for the Adoption Tax Credit. The post also provides time estimates and suggestions for making it go as quickly as possible. Dawn Davenport of Creating a Family also reports that, “…according to the Government Accountability Office, 68% [...]

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Study Shows Infant Adoption Has Changed, Only 5% Are Closed Adoptions

A study just published by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute shows that adoption trends have indeed shifted in recent years. Adoption, once clouded by secrecy, now encourages open communication and information sharing throughout a child’s lifetime. Findings from the study show that openness is beneficial for adoptive parents, birth families and adoptees alike. Simply [...]

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IAC’s Website Re-Design is Now Live!

As we prefaced in our Winter Open Adoption Magazine, we have launched a re-designed website at . There are many reasons for this change; foremost to keep up with technology in an effort to better serve our waiting families and potential birthparents. We want to highlight a few points of interest: Advanced Family Search: [...]

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Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Delays When Filing for the Adoption Tax Credit

It’s tax season again and time you file your adoption tax credit. In order to avoid the delays experienced by many adoptive families last year, follow the ten helpful tips provided by Creating A Family in their recent blog post, “Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Delays When Filing for the Adoption Tax Credit.” In addition [...]

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Independent Adoption Center PSA with Lynn Maggio, Mrs. Alabama America 2012

As the mother of six children — three biological, two through surrogacy and adoption, and one through open adoption — Lynn Maggio discusses how open adoption has impacted her family and why she believes in the work we do here. Her words are genuine and heartfelt — a wonderful spokesperson for the IAC! Read also: [...]

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Adam Pertman, author of Adoption Nation, Discusses Adoption Trends in 2012

Adam Pertman doesn’t do things in half measures. When I asked him in a recent interview about what open adoption trends he’ll be watching in 2012, he didn’t simply answer my question. He took me on a fascinating tour of the major adoption milestones of the past two centuries before circling back to the present [...]

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