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The Role of Social Workers in Adoption

Almost everyone who participates in an adoption will have contact with a social worker. Social workers play an important role in all adoptions. As most people know, a home study is the first step in an adoption for potential adoptive parents. Most, but not all, states require that a home study be completed by a […]

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How to Choose an Adoption Agency

Many people worry that they will not make the right choice when deciding what agency to work with on their adoption. This is an understandable concern but if you follow a few guidelines, you will make the right choice. First, to narrow down your options make sure the agency has a license from the Dept. […]


Discussing Adoption with School Age Children

A child’s understanding of adoption increases during the school age years. Assuming that parents introduced the subject of adoption and talked openly about it (in a simple manner) during the pre-school years, now they can focus on the circumstances of why the birthparents made an adoption plan. As in the pre-school years, they should use […]

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Discussing Adoption with Pre-School Age Children

Pre-school age children do not yet have the capacity to understand adoption. However, there are several very important reasons for introducing the subject at this age: From the beginning, adoption should be a household word and subject that is discussed comfortably in the home. Talking openly about adoption aids in the adoptive parents’ comfort level […]

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