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A Valentine’s Love Note

Editor’s Note: The following post is a part of our love note series for Valentine’s day. This post is a letter by an adoptive mother, Charity Starchenko, to her adopted son, Lev. Dear Lev, On Valentine’s Day, it will be six years since we met your birthmother, Jodi. I remember so vividly the night that […]

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Trans Couple Considers Adoption

As equal rights are expanded and outdated stigmas fall away, more LGBTQ families have begun to seriously consider fulfilling their dreams of raising children. One such couple is Clair and Jim. When they decided to look further into their options, they contacted Independent Adoption Center. They met with IAC Executive Director Ann Wrixon and, along […]

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IAC Family Adopts Despite Obstacles

Any waiting adoptive family knows that with adoption, you never know how or when that moment of adopting will come, you can only prepare for the time that moment arrives. For Jason Holling & Justin Karas, this couldn’t be more true. After starting their adoption journey in 2013 they were contacted by a birthmother who […]

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Interview with an Adoptee Author: A True Insider’s Perspective

We interviewed author and adoptee Sara Crutcher about her children’s book, Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale. Within its pages are vivid and colorful illustrations that enhance a worthwhile narrative! Sara’s book is sure to be a wonderful learning tool for adoptees and for families considering adoption or who have already adopted. The book addresses some […]

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To The Person Who Allowed me To Be A Parent

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them, but it all works out the way it was meant to and on the path you were meant to travel. This couldn’t be more true for Dan Walter and his wife, Melanie Jameson. Former IAC clients, they faced some unforeseen circumstances and had to change […]

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What About the Birthfathers?

As one of the adoption counselors at IAC I constantly share tidbits of my personal adoption experience with current and prospective clients. My two children (now young adults) have the same birthmother with three bio-siblings and my daughter placed a baby in an open adoption several years ago. I am very impressed with my daughter […]

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Traditional Match Versus A Last-Minute Placement

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by IAC’s adoptive parent, Tyler Watson, on the pros and cons of adopting through a last-minute hospital placement vs. through the traditional process of waiting. My family has now gone through two adoptions. When we adopted our son in 2012, we had a last-minute placement. The adoption […]

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Mother’s Day Series: A Letter to You

Editors Note: The following is a post for our Mother’s Day series, written by adoptive parent, Sara, to her daughter’s birthmother. To Our Daughter’s Birth Mother, This was the first Mother’s Day I celebrated, and it is because of you. I know the decision you made to place your daughter with us wasn’t for me. […]

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On Transracial Adoption

by Angela Tucker, a Transracial Adoptee Since the debut of Closure, the film that documents my search for my birthparents, I have had flocks of adoptees – both transracial and not – approach me via email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in-person after public events. So many of these adoptees write me, saying that they finally […]

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Out in Open Adoption

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from a story written by Davidson Lloyd, an adoptive parent and one of the first gay couples to adopt through the Independent Adoption Center. “Oh, you’re a gay couple,” a cynic said, “you’ll wait a long time to adopt a child.” Many times in the journey of our […]

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