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Through Your Child’s Eyes: Create an Adoption Life Book

Creating an adoption life book is a great way to capture the entire story of your child’s adoption, from the phone call or match meeting, to the day you brought him/her home. A life book is essentially a scrapbook created through the eyes of your child. A life book is a visual depiction of your […]

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Opening Our Hearts to Open Adoption

I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons I am on this Earth is to be a mom. As the oldest of five children, I grew up nurturing and protecting my younger siblings. Now, as a kindergarten teacher, my days are filled with hugs and Band-Aids. It wasn’t long after Scott and I met, […]

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Adoption is Like Fishing

My husband and I are currently in the waiting stage of our adoption. Oddly enough, it was fishing that helped me put the adoption wait into perspective. Here is my insight… Decisions, Decisions A positive outcome comes from preparation. In fishing, preparing involves making decisions. First you have to decide what to fish for. Then […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child…and Encourage a Couple Hoping to Adopt!

An old African proverb states that it takes a village to raise a child. In many African villages, raising the children in the community is everyone’s responsibility. We love the idea that none of us is alone and that we have others to turn to on our life’s journey. No matter the situation, there is […]

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Kicking Off Adoption Awareness Month with GALAA & MEGA

The IAC is ushering in Adoption Awareness Month by attending two wonderful events that celebrate adoption. Both events are taking place in Georgia on Saturday, November 5, 2011. The Annual Adoption Celebration, hosted by GALAA, is a fun event for the whole family. This year the celebration offers games, entertainment, a mobile petting zoo, and […]

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E-Zine, MasalaMommas, Interviews IAC Waiting Family

Don Paul & Preetha Bhat are an IAC family pursuing open adoption.  Don and Preetha were recently interviewed by an e-zine for South Asian mothers, called MasalaMommas. The interview touches on their challenges with conceiving and their decision to adopt.  They offer advice on infertility, a closer look into their parenting philosophy and why it […]

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Living in a Glass House-Being Open in our Open Adoption Journey!

Adoption is a journey of transparency.  You have to commit to openness, not just to the future birth family you will connect with, but really to the world at large.  It feels scary and risky at times.  There are days when I feel like we are living in a glass house or are the stars of […]

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Marketing Your Adoption in 2011

Guest Blogger Carrie Bedwell Shares Her Secrets You’ve signed your contract with your agency and now it’s time to promote yourself as a potential adoptive parent or parents. Though my husband and I are still waiting to “match” with our potential birth parents, here are the marketing strategies we are currently utilizing Decide what marketing […]

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People Magazine on Adoption Grants, and the IAC Dads Who Received One

What happens when you decide you want to adopt but you don’t have the financial means to finally complete your dream of having a family? Enter Becky Fawcett. In a recent article done by People Magazine, in the “Heroes Among Us” section, three stories of adoptive parents tell how one woman gave them the chance […]

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Lessons From Kung Fu Panda II

Life lessons come from all around us. We might have a truth whispered to our heart through a song on the radio. We might gain wisdom from the loving words of a close friend. We might see a lesson played out in front of us at the mall or on our job. We may even […]

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