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Why Open Adoption Agreements?

Imagine that, in their excitement before the birth of the baby, adoptive parents tell the birthmother “Get in touch anytime.” They are thinking about receiving a few emails while she interprets “anytime” to mean monthly visits. These very different ideas about open adoption can cause anger and disappointment on both sides. It is scenarios like […]

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How Many Babies are Available for Adoption?

People will sometimes ask how many babies are available for adoption. The short answer is that the number of birthparents and adoptive parents at the IAC is about equal. There is no way to know if this is true nationally, but we can give you the information we have about our intakes. First, let me […]

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What Makes a Successful Adoptive Parent Profile?

Adoptive Family Profiles: Tools for Success

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Happy Birthmother’s Day!

There is no better time than today to honor, support and respect birthmothers everywhere for the difficult, brave and selfless decisions they have made in choosing adoption. It’s because of the sacrifices they make everyday that others’ dreams are realized. Birthmother’s Day is about taking the time to acknowledge the person who made your dream […]

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Birthmother’s Day: May 8th, 2010

Birthmother’s Day is a celebration of the special role of birthmothers and the loving and unselfish decision they made on behalf of their children. Mother’s Day is painful for many birthmothers because it is a reminder of the loss they experienced in adoption. She is a birthmother but not a mom—the adoptive mother is the […]

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