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IAC Nominated for Blue Drop Awards

At the Independent Adoption Center we’ve built both iheart adoption and adoption help using the open-source project Drupal. Well now there is an award for sites built in Drupal called the Blue Drop Awards, and we’re very excited to be amongst the nominees for “Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal”. The Blue Drop Awards is […]

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Redefining Family, Whether I Like It Or Not

I didn’t come out until I was 23. I’m still not entirely sure why—I knew my parents would love me unconditionally, and I hadn’t been raised to believe that loving the ladies was a ticket to hell. I didn’t know many lesbians, but in college I had lots of friends who were gay guys. I […]

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Waiting to Adopt: Selecting Child Care Provider

When your child becomes old enough and you have to go back to work, finding the right child care can be another worry to tackle. Before you start freaking out about finding the perfect situation, we have some tips to help ease your worries! The Baby Center breaks it down into six steps: Identify your […]

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“Bady For Adoption”: Our First Scam

I love IAC support group meetings. They’re a place of cookies, babies and people who know exactly what we’re going through. Recently, a group-goer I’ll call Melanie (because later I will say that she and her husband are funny and good-looking, so clearly I need to protect their identities) shared that she’d gotten a call […]

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Why did The Guncles Choose Open Adoption?

Hollywood’s Popular Dads Tell their Adoption Story’s Celebrity Kids Parents Blog featured an in-depth story by celebrity gay dads, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson. They explain why they chose open adoption over surrogacy or closed adoption and how adoption fits into their daily lives. They also describe their hospital experience as gay adoptive dads […]

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Tax Attorney Discusses Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Share hosted an interview with a tax attorney to address new changes regarding the adoption tax credit. For answers to your questions, read the transcript.

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Destiny Fulfilled: Single Woman Becomes an Adoptive Mother-Part 2

Part two of Darlene’s story tells of what led her to her daughter Shayna Rose, revealing the ordinary day that turned into the day she’d never forget, and how her life forever changed. To hear the rest of Darlene’s story read: “Triumph Over Tragedy: A Baby Miracle (Part 2)

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Opening Our Hearts to Open Adoption

I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons I am on this Earth is to be a mom. As the oldest of five children, I grew up nurturing and protecting my younger siblings. Now, as a kindergarten teacher, my days are filled with hugs and Band-Aids. It wasn’t long after Scott and I met, […]

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Toys for Tots at IAC in Pleasant Hill

Our office in Pleasant Hill is supporting the Toys for Tots program by being a drop-off site for Contra Costa County. The mission of the Toys for Tots program is to collect new toys during the months of October, November and December and distribute the unwrapped toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the […]

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Ten Things Adoptive Parents and Birthmoms Have in Common

When Cecilia and I decided to go the open adoption route, we knew that part of the adventure would be getting to know the birthmother who chose us. But after feeling like a human science experiment while undergoing fertility treatment and subsequently miscarrying twins, my usually strong self-esteem took a nosedive. Every time the IAC […]

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