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The Wait to Adopt & Preparing for Baby

Waiting to Adopt: Prepare a first aid kit specifically for children Waiting to Adopt: Planning a Welcome Home Celebration Waiting to Adopt: Older Sibling Adoption Books Waiting to Adopt: Baby Announcements Waiting to Adopt: Preparing with Parenting and Adoption Books Waiting to Adopt: Selecting Child Care Provider Waiting to Adopt: Selecting a Pediatrician Waiting to […]

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“Birth Stories” Open Adoption Magazine, Fall 2011

Letter From the Editor: The articles in this issue of Open Adoption are warm and inspiring, helping us welcome another holiday season. We celebrate IAC’s newest families on page one and announce holiday party dates and new staff on page two. The holiday season at IAC also includes our annual holiday break and Adoption Awareness […]

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Go from “Facebook to Family” in Summer 2011 Issue of Open Adoption

Letter from the Editor: The past few months at the IAC have been eventful. Each office hosted their annual picnic, and two offices participated in their local pride parades to support LGBT adoption. Each event was a success — so thank you to all who attended — it was a joy to see your smiling […]

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IAC Publishes Detailed Wait Time Statistics for Adoptive Placements

The Independent Adoption Center is committed to complete transparency in its operations. Recently, we posted wait times for every adoptive placement the organization has made from 2006 through May 2011. These statistics show the following: The average wait time from when a prospective adoptive family completes all of their pre-adoption paperwork and a child is […]

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Adopting a Baby with the IAC

Recently, Barbara Rogers of Comcast NewsMakers interviewed the Independent Adoption Center’s Executive Director Ann Wrixon to find out more about open adoption with the IAC. Wrixon explains that some of the myths surrounding adoption are “simply not true”. She reports that there are infants out there to adopt. And, while some adoptive parents may have […]

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Wait Times for Adoptive Placements in LGBT Families

People often assume that LGBT families wait longer for an adoption placement than Heterosexual families. This is not true. At IAC, LGBT families have the same or shorter wait times. It is important, however, for LGBT families to work with agencies that do not discriminate or use unintentionally biased practices. For example, some agencies ask […]

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How Long Does it Take to Adopt?

The amount of time it takes to complete an open adoption placement varies from family to family. When prospective birthparents contact the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) looking to make an adoption plan for their baby they are sent a packet of family profiles we call “Dear Birthparent Letters” that match the criteria the birthparent has […]

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