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IAC Releases “Families of Open Adoption” Film

We are thrilled to share this brand new film on families of open adoption. Produced by Pixel Fish, this film will be used to show prospective adoptive families what open adoption involves and the caring, compassionate role that the IAC plays in the process. The participants in the film, all IAC clients and staff, share […]

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“Bady For Adoption”: Our First Scam

I love IAC support group meetings. They’re a place of cookies, babies and people who know exactly what we’re going through. Recently, a group-goer I’ll call Melanie (because later I will say that she and her husband are funny and good-looking, so clearly I need to protect their identities) shared that she’d gotten a call […]

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“Birth Stories” Open Adoption Magazine, Fall 2011

Letter From the Editor: The articles in this issue of Open Adoption are warm and inspiring, helping us welcome another holiday season. We celebrate IAC’s newest families on page one and announce holiday party dates and new staff on page two. The holiday season at IAC also includes our annual holiday break and Adoption Awareness […]

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Social Media’s Impact on Adoption

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This morning the TODAY Show featured a story that helps reveal the impact of social media on adoption. The video clip above explains how an adoptive mother and her daughter used Facebook to find the woman who placed her for adoption 19 years […]

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Birthmother’s Day Tips for Adoptive Parents

Birthmother’s Day is this Saturday, May 7th, the day before Mother’s Day! What can adoptive parents do to show they care?

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Open Adoption Magazine, Spring 2011, Available for Download

Download the full version here. Recent events in Japan have reminded me of the importance of staying connected with friends and family. Myself and a few other IAC staff members have special connections with people in Japan whose lives have been heavily affected by these occurrences. How fortunate we are to have resources like the […]

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Using Positive Adoption Language

Just as with everything else these days, there are “PC” terms to use in the adoption world. While it may seem insignificant, the words you use when referring to your child’s adoption will greatly affect their self-esteem and self-image. Your child/ren will learn to speak about their adoption based on the words they hear you […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part IV: An Open Adoption

After searching for more than a decade, I found my daughter’s birthmother. My daughter met her birthmother for the first time shortly after her twelfth birthday. Her birthmother is a kind, wonderful woman, who has allowed us to be part of her life in ways I never would have dreamed. She has provided my daughter/her […]

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Happy Birthmother’s Day!

There is no better time than today to honor, support and respect birthmothers everywhere for the difficult, brave and selfless decisions they have made in choosing adoption. It’s because of the sacrifices they make everyday that others’ dreams are realized. Birthmother’s Day is about taking the time to acknowledge the person who made your dream […]

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