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Adoption: What is the Red Thread of Fate?

Some may wonder what really brings those that we’re closest to together in life. This can especially be true with adoption and the special way that families are brought together.  An interesting and thoughtful explanation is the Red Thread of Fate from Chinese culture. Adoptee and adoptive parent Meika Rouda shares the wonderful way she first […]

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Bridging the Gap: Adoption Agency Troubles Heat Up in Texas

The largest adoption agency in Texas, Adoption Services Associates (ASA), recently filed for bankruptcy and informed all their adoptive clients of the close, but did not inform their birthparent clients. ASA’s successor adoption agency, Abrazo Adoption Services, has made attempts to reconnect birthparents and their respective adoptive families using ASA’s database, but its proving to […]

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Birthmother’s Day Tips for Adoptive Parents

Birthmother’s Day is this Saturday, May 7th, the day before Mother’s Day! What can adoptive parents do to show they care?

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Using Positive Adoption Language

Just as with everything else these days, there are “PC” terms to use in the adoption world. While it may seem insignificant, the words you use when referring to your child’s adoption will greatly affect their self-esteem and self-image. Your child/ren will learn to speak about their adoption based on the words they hear you […]

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Open Adoption Magazine: The Heart of IAC

Get ready for the new issue of Open Adoption! This fall, you will laugh, cry and get all warm and fuzzy inside as you watch three IAC families pursue their dreams through open adoption. Next, Open Adoption stems from love, grows with love and thrives with love. At the root of this beautiful tree are […]

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Birthparents and Poverty

Birthparents choose adoption for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include feeling emotionally unprepared to parent, a desire to finish high school or college, or feeling unable to parent without a partner. One of the most troublesome reasons for an adoptive placement is poverty. In voluntary adoptions, most adoptive parents rightly balk […]

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Birthfather Rights

Birthfathers have rights, but the extent of those rights varies according to the state where the baby is born. It is essential to find out what the law is in the state where the child is born. In most states, a birthfather that is married to the birthmother has equal rights to the child. What […]

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Why Open Adoption Agreements?

Imagine that, in their excitement before the birth of the baby, adoptive parents tell the birthmother “Get in touch anytime.” They are thinking about receiving a few emails while she interprets “anytime” to mean monthly visits. These very different ideas about open adoption can cause anger and disappointment on both sides. It is scenarios like […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part III: My Daughter Meets Her Birthmother

After searching for eleven and a half years, I have finally found my daughter’s birthmother. Sobbing I call my husband to tell him the news. We agree to wait until after the piano recital to tell our daughter. Driving her to the recital, I struggle to listen and talk about the upcoming performance. It is […]

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Radio Interview with IAC Counselor Jennifer Bliss

KCLU National Public Radio: Dr. Goldsmith interviews IAC LA’s Co-Branch Director and Open Adoption Counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, PsyD, MSW, LCSW on open adoption. Part 1: Fears & Myths of Openness IAC counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, talks in this radio interview about open adoption. One of the radio hosts reveals he is adopted and was […]

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