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IAC Adoption Expert, Kathleen Silber’s reaction to Today Show Segment

On June 8th, NBC’s Today Show ran a segment called “Today’s Professionals answer viewer questions.” A panel of three “experts” – Donny Deutsch, a former advertising executive, Star Jones, an attorney, and Nancy Snyderman, a physician – answered audience questions on several subjects. A question was asked about the benefits of open vs. closed adoption […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part IV: An Open Adoption

After searching for more than a decade, I found my daughter’s birthmother. My daughter met her birthmother for the first time shortly after her twelfth birthday. Her birthmother is a kind, wonderful woman, who has allowed us to be part of her life in ways I never would have dreamed. She has provided my daughter/her […]

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For the Life of Me: The Secrets of Closed Adoption Last a Lifetime

“For the Life of Me” is the most powerful movie I have ever seen about adoption. However, the drama of this film is not around adoption per se, but rather about secrets, the secrets of closed adoptions. What makes this film so tremendously powerful is that all of the protagonists are elderly adoptees. We watch […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part II: Searching to Open a Closed Adoption

I have been searching for eleven and a half years for my daughter’s birthmother. My daughter was growing up and not only did I not have any medical information for her I also could not answer her very poignant questions about her adoption.

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Why Open Adoption? Part I: A Closed Adoption

My daughter was six weeks old when placed in my arms by her third foster mother. Her birthmother had voluntarily relinquished her to the County Department of Social Services (DSS), but DSS had not made any adoption plan for this healthy baby. She was beautiful with large brown eyes and thick dark brown hair. We […]

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