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‘Coming out of the Closet’ with Domestic Infant Adoption

Ann Wrixon, the Executive Director of the Independent Adoption Center reports on Gay and Lesbian adoption in the United States today. David Perry of Comcast’s “Ten Percent”* questions Wrixon on state legislation surrounding LGBT adoption and what role the IAC is playing to advocate for same-sex couples who want to adopt. Having placed about 1000 […]

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IAC Family Featured on ‘Celebrity Baby Scoop’

IAC alumni Bill Horn and Scout Masterson finalized their adoption last month in the good company of celebrity friends Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. Congratulations Bill and Scout! The IAC family, known as the ‘Guncles’ on the hit reality series Home Sweet Hollywood, say they always knew that they wanted to build their […]

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Obama Administration Ends Defense of Anti-LGBT Marriage Law

The Obama Administration decided to discontinue defending the federal gay marriage law that denies married lesbians and gay men the same rights as those accorded to heterosexual married couples. According to the today’s New York Times, “Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. sent a letter to Congress on Wednesday saying that the Justice Department will […]

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Adopting a Baby with the IAC

Recently, Barbara Rogers of Comcast NewsMakers interviewed the Independent Adoption Center’s Executive Director Ann Wrixon to find out more about open adoption with the IAC. Wrixon explains that some of the myths surrounding adoption are “simply not true”. She reports that there are infants out there to adopt. And, while some adoptive parents may have […]

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Son of Lesbian Mothers Speaks Out Against Iowa’s Legislation to Ban Gay Marriage

Please take 3 minutes to watch this video. A 19-year old man, Zach Wahls, who was raised by lesbian mothers, speaks in defense of same sex marriage. But the most compelling argument he makes is that children raised by lesbian mothers have excellent outcomes. He is a prime example of what the research has already […]

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Open Adoption Magazine, Winter 2010

Happy New Year everyone! The IAC is thrilled to ring in the New Year with the release of our Winter issue of Open Adoption Magazine. For a full newsletter archive visit the Independent Adoption Center’s website. Highlights in this issue include IAC’s prestigious recognition by the Human Rights Campaign for excellence in LGBT adoption, the […]

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IAC Recognized by Human Rights Campaign for Best Practices with LGBT Families

On Friday September 19, 2010 National Adoption Day, the Human Rights Campaign recognized the Independent Adoption Center for best practices in LGBT-family adoption. “This National Adoption Month we are delighted to recognize the Independent Adoption Center for their commitment to fairness and inclusion in adoption, and for their excellent track record with the LGBT community,” […]

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Gay and Lesbian Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Children: IAC Families Participate in Groundbreaking Study

Researchers at the University of Virginia and George Washington University published the results of a study showing that the adjustment of adopted children of Lesbians and Gay males is not only on par, but slightly better, than for children of Heterosexual parents. Five adoption agencies, including the IAC, recruited families to participate in the study. […]

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Wait Times for Adoptive Placements in LGBT Families

People often assume that LGBT families wait longer for an adoption placement than Heterosexual families. This is not true. At IAC, LGBT families have the same or shorter wait times. It is important, however, for LGBT families to work with agencies that do not discriminate or use unintentionally biased practices. For example, some agencies ask […]

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LGBT Adoption Legal in Florida

On Oct. 12, 2010, Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) announced they would not appeal the court ruling that the prohibition on LGBT family adoption is unconstitutional. Sexual orientation will no longer be a factor in Florida adoptions. All of the Florida’s adoption-related forms now exclude any reference to sexual orientation. This law prevented […]

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