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Understanding the Adoption Home Study Process

An adoption home study is a required part of any adoption process in the United States. The single exception to this is an attorney adoption in Georgia, though this may change in the near future. Although every state has slightly different requirements for a home study, the overall purpose is the same. A home study […]

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Breaking News: California’s Gay Marriage Ban Overturned!

The gay marriage ban in California was overturned today by Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled that the ban is “unconstitutional”. The case was brought to court by two gay couples who filed a lawsuit, saying that Prop 8 was a violation of their civil rights. Judge Walker agreed, stating that the ruling […]

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Birthfather Rights

Birthfathers have rights, but the extent of those rights varies according to the state where the baby is born. It is essential to find out what the law is in the state where the child is born. In most states, a birthfather that is married to the birthmother has equal rights to the child. What […]

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Why Open Adoption Agreements?

Imagine that, in their excitement before the birth of the baby, adoptive parents tell the birthmother “Get in touch anytime.” They are thinking about receiving a few emails while she interprets “anytime” to mean monthly visits. These very different ideas about open adoption can cause anger and disappointment on both sides. It is scenarios like […]

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