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Study Shows Infant Adoption Has Changed, Only 5% Are Closed Adoptions

A study just published by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute shows that adoption trends have indeed shifted in recent years. Adoption, once clouded by secrecy, now encourages open communication and information sharing throughout a child’s lifetime. Findings from the study show that openness is beneficial for adoptive parents, birth families and adoptees alike. Simply […]

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Adam Pertman, author of Adoption Nation, Discusses Adoption Trends in 2012

Adam Pertman doesn’t do things in half measures. When I asked him in a recent interview about what open adoption trends he’ll be watching in 2012, he didn’t simply answer my question. He took me on a fascinating tour of the major adoption milestones of the past two centuries before circling back to the present […]

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Adopting a Baby with the IAC

Recently, Barbara Rogers of Comcast NewsMakers interviewed the Independent Adoption Center’s Executive Director Ann Wrixon to find out more about open adoption with the IAC. Wrixon explains that some of the myths surrounding adoption are “simply not true”. She reports that there are infants out there to adopt. And, while some adoptive parents may have […]

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Open Adoption Magazine: The Heart of IAC

Get ready for the new issue of Open Adoption! This fall, you will laugh, cry and get all warm and fuzzy inside as you watch three IAC families pursue their dreams through open adoption. Next, Open Adoption stems from love, grows with love and thrives with love. At the root of this beautiful tree are […]

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Helping Your Extended Family Understand Open Adoption

Adopting parents frequently tell us that their extended family members are negative or anxious about the idea of an open adoption. How do you help them get on board? It’s important to remember that your parents are from a different generation where closed adoption and secrecy were the norm. In the past birthmothers were typically […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part IV: An Open Adoption

After searching for more than a decade, I found my daughter’s birthmother. My daughter met her birthmother for the first time shortly after her twelfth birthday. Her birthmother is a kind, wonderful woman, who has allowed us to be part of her life in ways I never would have dreamed. She has provided my daughter/her […]

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For the Life of Me: The Secrets of Closed Adoption Last a Lifetime

“For the Life of Me” is the most powerful movie I have ever seen about adoption. However, the drama of this film is not around adoption per se, but rather about secrets, the secrets of closed adoptions. What makes this film so tremendously powerful is that all of the protagonists are elderly adoptees. We watch […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part III: My Daughter Meets Her Birthmother

After searching for eleven and a half years, I have finally found my daughter’s birthmother. Sobbing I call my husband to tell him the news. We agree to wait until after the piano recital to tell our daughter. Driving her to the recital, I struggle to listen and talk about the upcoming performance. It is […]

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Why Open Adoption? Part II: Searching to Open a Closed Adoption

I have been searching for eleven and a half years for my daughter’s birthmother. My daughter was growing up and not only did I not have any medical information for her I also could not answer her very poignant questions about her adoption.

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Radio Interview with IAC Counselor Jennifer Bliss

KCLU National Public Radio: Dr. Goldsmith interviews IAC LA’s Co-Branch Director and Open Adoption Counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, PsyD, MSW, LCSW on open adoption. Part 1: Fears & Myths of Openness IAC counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, talks in this radio interview about open adoption. One of the radio hosts reveals he is adopted and was […]

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