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Waiting to Adopt: Preparing with Parenting and Adoption Books

How is parenting in open adoption different? Before it’s time to bring your baby home from the hospital it’s very beneficial to read up on what adoptive parenting entails. In open adoption particularly, it is important to consider all sides to the story; your role as adoptive parent(s), the level of openness you want to […]

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Waiting to Adopt: Selecting Child Care Provider

When your child becomes old enough and you have to go back to work, finding the right child care can be another worry to tackle. Before you start freaking out about finding the perfect situation, we have some tips to help ease your worries! The Baby Center breaks it down into six steps: Identify your […]

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Waiting to Adopt: Select a Pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician you can trust is important. There are three types of providers to look for: pediatricians, family physicians, and pediatric nurse practitioners. The first step is in deciding which type of provider you would like for your child and then choosing a pediatrician. It’s a good idea to get to ask questions and […]

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“Bady For Adoption”: Our First Scam

I love IAC support group meetings. They’re a place of cookies, babies and people who know exactly what we’re going through. Recently, a group-goer I’ll call Melanie (because later I will say that she and her husband are funny and good-looking, so clearly I need to protect their identities) shared that she’d gotten a call […]

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Waiting to Adopt: Shop for Baby Furniture

“This one’s too big, this one’s too small, this one fits just right!” Finding the right baby furniture for your child is very important and finding quality furniture at a decent price can be a hassle. But getting started early will help you sift through all the products and find the best furniture for your […]

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A Grandmother Embraces Open Adoption

Barbara Potter is eager for another grandchild to love. On December 21, 2011 she wrote an article for the Orange County Register that explains the adoption process her son and his husband are going through to start their family. With instructions not to buy baby supplies or items for the nursery just yet, Barbara and […]

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Opening Our Hearts to Open Adoption

I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons I am on this Earth is to be a mom. As the oldest of five children, I grew up nurturing and protecting my younger siblings. Now, as a kindergarten teacher, my days are filled with hugs and Band-Aids. It wasn’t long after Scott and I met, […]

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Ten Things Adoptive Parents and Birthmoms Have in Common

When Cecilia and I decided to go the open adoption route, we knew that part of the adventure would be getting to know the birthmother who chose us. But after feeling like a human science experiment while undergoing fertility treatment and subsequently miscarrying twins, my usually strong self-esteem took a nosedive. Every time the IAC […]

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Adoption is Like Fishing

My husband and I are currently in the waiting stage of our adoption. Oddly enough, it was fishing that helped me put the adoption wait into perspective. Here is my insight… Decisions, Decisions A positive outcome comes from preparation. In fishing, preparing involves making decisions. First you have to decide what to fish for. Then […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child…and Encourage a Couple Hoping to Adopt!

An old African proverb states that it takes a village to raise a child. In many African villages, raising the children in the community is everyone’s responsibility. We love the idea that none of us is alone and that we have others to turn to on our life’s journey. No matter the situation, there is […]

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