Is it confusing to have both Adoptive Parents and Birthparents?

No, it is not confusing between my birthparents and my adoptive parents. I call my adoptive parents mom and dad. My birthmom loves me just the same as her other children. My adoptive parents have always let me go up and visit them. My adoptive mom has always had a good relationship with my birthmom and her family. When I'm visiting my birthmom and sisters I am treated no different than anyone else. When I visit them I feel just like one of the family. I am lucky so many people love me.
- Will, age 16

My brother is adopted and he knows his birthmom and his other sisters. It is not fair. I want to know my birthmom, but she doesn't want to see me. I think I will feel better if I could see her. My mom wants me to be able to see her, but she says it won't be like my brother's birthmom because he has always known her. I think my mom is wrong, but she loves me.
- Casey, age 12

No, it's not confusing because I've always known about my birthfamily. I know who my birthmother and birthdad are. They are part of my family. They aren't my Mom and Dad. My Mom and Dad have been my Mom and Dad since my birth. I've always known I was born from my birthmom but my Mom is my Mom, that's just the way my story always has been. It's not confusing for me. My birthmom and birthgrandmother live in England now so we don't get to see them very often. We were in my birthgrandmother's wedding in 2002 and that was cool because we went to Europe. I love my whole family. We have a big family when you count my birthfamily, my little sister's birthfamily and my big sister's dad's family.
- Dylan, age 10

It is not confusing to have adoptive parents and birthparents because no matter what I know I am loved. I am treated the same as other kids who just have one set of parents. My mom is the one who cares for me and does everything for me. My birthmom is someone who gave birth to me and picked my parents to be with me forever.
- Paul, age 12

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