Adoption Stories: Birthsisters

I Love My Sister
Once upon a time, I (Isabella) met my sister, Emily. We played and played then we fell asleep and then we woke up. We are adopted sisters. Our parents have the same names, Dave and Kathy and David and Catriona. I am 6 years old. My sister is 8. We have the same birthmother. We go on holidays together and we go to Disneyland. I love my sister. I am excited to go to her birthday party. We have sleepovers together with our Moms and Dads. I want to grow up.

Isabella, age 6

I Have a Sister
I found out that I have a sister. When I found out I was very happy. Then I heard I will get to meet my sister. Then I got to meet Isabella. Isabella is my sister. My mom said I am going to her house. I was so excited. Then I went to her house and it was fun. My dad said I was going to Disneyland with my sister Isabella. It was so much fun. Then I heard my sister was coming to my house. It was a lot of fun. I couldn't get a better sister!

Emily, age 8

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