Adoption Stories: Love Connects Us All

My name is Morgan and I am blessed to be part of an open adoption family. When I share that I'm adopted, people often ask, "When did you find out? How did they tell you?" I'm always thrilled to explain that I don't have that type of story. As a child of open adoption, I was never forced to have "the talk" with my parents about my unique situation; it was, and will always be, a simple fact of life that I'm privileged enough to be part of two family stories. I believe all open adoption stories are success stories; two families succeed in bringing an incredibly blessed individual into this world. Open adoption just reaffirms my strong belief in a love that connects us all. As an open adoption child, I'm proud to say that I've been raised with all the love in the world, and there's plenty more to go around!

Morgan Woodward, Age 21

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