Adoption Stories: A Long Story

People ask me where I get my beautiful eyes. And I say that is a long story.

Great Grandma Tani is Japanese. She was in a Japanese Camp when she was a little girl. That was sad. I love hearing stories about Japan and looking at Japanese writing that looks so pretty.

Nana and Great Grandma Rose are from Sicily the island of Italy. Nana tells me noodles are called pasta and to go to church. I run up to her and hug her because I really love her.

Papa is from Switzerland. He is very fun. He teaches me about money. He takes me to the swimming pool and pretends to be a alligator. Papa tells the funniest jokes ever!

I never saw Abuela and Abuelo from Mexico. But I love eating spicy food and I said "agua" when I was a baby. When I dream of my Mexican grandparents I see they have brown skin like me.

Granny mops loves to buy me things at the store. She is a real American Indian. Her hair and skin are so white it makes me think of a daisy. I feel so happy shopping with Mops. It makes me feel special and big.

Pops is Greek. He gave me a very long name. Pops loves food and dancing and family and I do too!

Noni lives in Ireland. She knits hats for babies. She knitted a hat for me and I still wear it sometimes. Her husband died and I know she misses him. When Mommy had cancer Noni lived with us.

Grandma Wendy is going to be Mayor one day I think! Her family is from Scotland. The mail carrier brings packages from her with necklaces and books and CDs. She even had a sleepover at our house.

I was adopted. So, not all of these grandparents give my eyes their color and shape. But through my eyes you can see each of my grandparents. All of them love me and give me life.

Diversity means me!

Sophia Diamantopoulos, Age 6

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