Our Donors

Our donors' gifts truly make a difference in the lives of our birthparents and adoptive parents. Their generous giving to the IAC’s mission allows the IAC to expand our services and programs. We greatly appreciate our wonderful donors and value their support. Please join our family of donors by giving a generous donation from your heart.

"Open adoption and IAC gave us our greatest gifts on earth—our children and a family. IAC is always at the top of our list when we plan our annual giving." – Jim & Sharon, adoptive parents

Foundation Donors

($15,000 and up)

Corporate Donors

Benefactor ($10,000 and up)
Supporter ($1,000 and up)
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays Global Investors
  • Chevron Humankind
  • Sports Tutor, Inc.
  • United Way
  • Microsoft
Contributor ($100 and up)
  • Citi Foundation
  • PG&E Corporation
  • Macy's
  • IBM
  • Vertical Response
  • Albertson's
  • International Right of Way Assoc.
  • The Indiana Railroad Company
  • Ralph's/Food For Less
  • Target Stores
  • Wal-mart
  • Wooldridge Management Co.