Picture of Steve Stotter and Karyn Shipp

Steve Stotter and Karyn Shipp

Oakland, CA

Hi, we are pleased you are considering us as adoptive parents. We are excited to participate in an open adoption with you. We believe the journey we have been on has led us to you. We understand your commitment and love for your child and we hope that you will share your life and journey with us. We look forward to building a comfortable relationship together. Our email is karynandsteve@yahoo.com

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About us:

We have a shared interest for being in nature, and for living close to the city. We like being able to take walks in the Redwoods, or along side the San Francisco Bay. The variety of cultural venues, events, activities, and celebrations in our area, is something we also enjoy. When we can find time, we like to go bike riding, kayaking, and/or camping together. Then there are the other times, that we prefer staying at home, and simply relaxing. We enjoy doing several things together such as, cooking, watching movies, and working in the garden. We have several small vegetable gardens on our property that provide healthy treats throughout the year. We both have family and friends that we spend time with too. We are very supportive of each other’s interests and can’t wait to share them with our child. We have a super-great relationship together that is filled with laughter and closeness. We would love to welcome a child into our world.

Karyn: on Steve being a dad

Steve will be a genuine, affectionate, open minded, and nurturing father. He will make our child feel better when he/she is sick and will tend to his/her bumps and bruises. Steve is a fun loving person. He has a gentle side with children and captures their interest while playing. He is also a creative cook. I have no doubt there will be special meals he invents to encourage our child eat their vegetables. Steve enjoys teaching and will certainly be extremely involved in our child’s educational experience. He is safety conscience, allowing children to experience situations without harm. Steve will be the kind of dad that will spend time with his child, talking and enjoying the relationship they have formed. I wish every child could be so lucky.

Steve: on Karyn being a mom

Karyn is a beautiful warm-hearted woman. She is smart, compassionate, and full of grace. I know that Karyn’s great sense of humor will be helpful as we experience the challenges of parenthood together. Her instincts to be both protective and loving, also leaving room for self-discovery, are assets that will make her a great parent. I see her enjoying doing art projects with our child, and participating in sports and other community activities together. I love being Karyn’s partner, and I believe that she will be a wonderful mom.

Family and Friends

We have developed friendships with people from a variety of different backgrounds and areas of interest. Karyn’s mom lives just five minutes away from us, and we see her regularly. Steve’s parents live just across the bay; we often get together for dinners. Our siblings are a little more spread afield. Karyn’s younger brother lives a few hours away. Steve’s older brother lives in Oregon with his wife and their ten year old son, and his older sister lives in Southern California with her husband and their five year old daughter, who was also brought into the family through adoption. Many of our friends have young children. We look forward to doing new activities together that will allow all our kids to become friends too.

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