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Mark, Sandra & Andrew Bush

Santa Ana, CA

Hello! We are Mark, Sandra and Andrew Bush. We admire your strength and courage as you consider open adoption. Becoming parents has been the most joyous experience of our lives, and we are excited to expand our family through open adoption. We invite you to look at our website and please call or email us with any questions 877-830-7524 or markandsandrabush@gmail.com.

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About Us

We were married in 1998 after dating for over 6 years. We have a strong, committed relationship built on trust, loyalty, compassion and love. Our son Andrew was born in 2004 and he continues to delight and amaze us. We love seeing the world through his eyes. We enjoy spending time at home having fun by playing board games, trains, cars, reading books, riding our bikes, swimming in our pool, roasting marshmallows or walking the dogs. We love having adventures such as skiing in the mountains, riding our bikes to the beach, taking hikes, going bowling, playing miniature golf or going to Disneyland. We can’t wait for another child to join in on all of these activities. We are both teachers in Santa Ana. Mark teaches high school technology classes and Sandra teaches history/social studies in middle school. Since Andrew’s arrival, Sandra has been teaching part-time, and plans to continue this with the arrival of our second child. Being teachers allows us to have family vacations together in the summer, as well as other holiday time together throughout the year.

About Mark, by Sandra

Mark is outgoing, friendly, and accepting. He’s fun-loving and playful. He is an excellent father who never hesitates to play cars, trains or ride bikes with our son. Taking me on a date to the movies and dinner is one of his favorite things to do. He also makes sure he and Andrew never miss a great animated adventure on the big screen! He is extremely smart, especially when it comes to computers and electronics. He is a very loving husband who loves unconditionally. He is loyal, dedicated, and passionate. He is looking forward to having a baby fall asleep in his arms, watching him or her discover the world, and experiencing all those “firsts”.

About Sandra, by Mark

Sandra is a strong, caring, patient person who enjoys the company of family and friends. She is an excellent listener with a great sense of humor. I love her tremendously. I respect her dedication to family. I respect and admire her intelligence and ability to teach junior high school students. I’m absolutely committed and dedicated to her and our family. She loves spending time with Andrew doing everything from cooking dinner with him to reading books to playing games. She is looking forward to sharing these adventures with another child. She is also excited to have a newborn again, and can’t wait to rock a little one to sleep and watch him or her develop into a darling boy or girl.


Andrew is our sweet, sensitive, and self-confident son. He is very talkative and loves talking to anyone who will listen. He absolutely loves Hot Wheels cars, monster trucks, and trains. He enjoys school and learning to read and write. He is interested in money, and has created his own “savings bank” in his room. He also enjoys playing with our 3 dogs and helping around the house by cleaning the floor or setting the table. One of Andrew's favorite things is spending time with his cousins. With Kyle, he builds towers with blocks or makes sandcastles at the beach. With Lauren and Maddie, he plays soccer or tag. He can't wait for a sibling to share in these fun activities! He mentions with excitement becoming a big brother and helping out “when the baby comes.”

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