Picture of Michelle and Giulia Favro-Farruggia

Michelle and Giulia Favro-Farruggia

Sacramento, CA

Hello! We are really excited about becoming parents and are happy that you are learning a bit about us. We have incredible respect for your decision to consider an adoption plan for your baby. We, along with our family and friends, look forward to welcoming you into our lives and are open to whatever level of contact feels comfortable to you. We would love to hear from you!

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A Little About Us

We love being each other's perfect match- corny, but true! Our similar family values of trust and communication strengthen our marriage. Both being teachers, we love to travel as much as possible during school vacations. Whether we’re on a road trip, working on our house or debriefing after work, we laugh… a lot. Please visit our websites at http://www.facebook.com/michelleandgiuliaadopt and www.mandgadopt.com!

Family and Friends

We are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who we enjoy spending time with. Most everything we do is with our families and close circle of friends, who are just like family to us. They are wonderfully supportive and can’t wait to welcome a new member of the family!

Loving Life (Our Interests)

Fine arts are an important part of who we are: enjoying music, plays, teaching kids’ choirs, and doing art with our nephews and Godchildren are a big part of our life. We both teach elementary school, and between us we have over 1000 former students who’ve given us many strategies to use as a foundation for parenting! We’ve been lucky enough to travel internationally and here at home. We can’t wait to be able share our love of travel with our children.

Our Home

Our home is just outside of Sacramento, California. We share our house with Rita, our loyal Labrador retriever and two cats, Fran and Clio. Our child will receive a lot of love from these three snugglers. Our neighborhood children are always outside playing, which was one reason we chose to live in our particular neighborhood… this is how we grew up. We can’t wait for our child to ride bikes, play ball and walk Rita!

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