Picture of Jan Jewell-Brown and Cindy Brown

Jan Jewell-Brown and Cindy Brown

San Diego, CA

Hi! We are Jan and Cindy. We believe you are a brave and caring individual to be considering open adoption. We value honesty and openness, and feel that open adoption is the best path for us to start our family. We appreciate you taking the time to read our letter and getting to know more about us. We look forward to our first conversation with you!

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About Us

We met many years ago when we were in college and stayed in touch over the years. We rekindled our connection several years ago, despite living in different states for a number of years. Eventually our relationship evolved into a romantic one and on June 12, 2010, we had a commitment ceremony with the support of our family and friends. We have both dreamed of having children for some time and are very excited to start a family together. Jan enjoys her job as a pediatric occupational therapist and can’t wait to share her play skills and youthful outlook with our child. Cindy is a case manager who works with families who are homeless. Cindy has flexibility in her work schedule and is excited that she will be able to spend quality time at home taking care of our child.

Jan by Cindy

Jan is kind and thoughtful and likes to make everyone (me, family and friends) feel remembered on birthdays and special occasions. I look forward to celebrating our child’s first birthday when she bakes a fun cake and makes a scrapbook from the photos she took to remember the big day. Jan likes to have fun and can make an adventure out of almost anything, from cleaning up toys to baking Christmas cookies. I love watching her spend time with children because it gives me a glimpse of the nurturing love she will share with our family. I feel blessed each day to share and build our lives together.

Cindy by Jan

Cindy is my best friend and the one I want to share all my thoughts and dreams with. She is easy-going, adventurous and loves spending time outside. She is also a big kid at heart and has always had an amazing way of making people laugh by doing or saying something funny. I am looking forward to watching her act silly to put a smile on our child’s face. Cindy is an avid reader and will love reading our child a bedtime story every night. Cindy is kind, compassionate and will be a great mom with a natural instinct to protect and nurture our child.

Our Home and Community

We live in Oceanside, CA (San Diego area) in a diverse, family-friendly neighborhood. We are looking forward to walks in the neighborhood with our child to one of the playgrounds where we will have fun climbing, swinging and playing in the sand. We have a grassy backyard where our child can spend time each day playing with our dogs, kicking a soccer ball or watering the plants. We have many friends with kids of all ages that are very excited to include us and our child in play dates at the park, beach or at each others’ houses for a BBQ. In sunny Southern California, we are centrally located to many fun and kid friendly activities. Education is important to us and we plan to explore the local aquarium and museums to expose our child to many different experiences. We will also enjoy pushing our child in a stroller on our Saturday morning trips through the local Farmer’s Market. We can’t wait to see our child in his/her first pair of blue jeans and cowboy boots when we spend time as a family at the barn with Cindy’s horse, Boo.

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