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Christine Schnabel

Fayetteville, NC

Hello! I’m Christine from Fayetteville, NC. Thank you for taking time to learn a little about me. I truly admire the strength and courage that you have shown by considering open adoption. I would be honored to share this journey with you while we build a trusting relationship that you are comfortable with, so please feel free to contact me.

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About Me

Children have always been a big part of my life and I love having a career that lets me be around kids all day long. I am an elementary school teacher and I truly love what I do. I’m at a great place in my life and I feel so ready to become a mother! I love sports, especially football, and I know that my child will have so much fun screaming in the stands as the Carolina Panthers score a touchdown! I also like NASCAR and I love going to Charlotte to watch the races. I’m looking forward to the day that my child will sit next to me and giggle with excitement as they hear the roar of the engines! Knitting is also fun for me and I can’t wait to see my new little bundle of joy wearing the little booties and matching hat that I made for them.

My Promise to You

I have always dreamed of being a mother and I can't wait until the day that I become one! I promise that my child will be raised in a home that is safe, nurturing, and fun with lots of love and support from family and friends. I will be an active mother in every aspect of my child’s life. From school to sporting events I will be my child’s biggest fan! My child will know that they are loved by all of us!

Thoughts on Open Adoption

I promise that my child will always know their special adoption story. I am strongly committed to open adoption and I’d love to get to know you. Please know that you would be welcomed into my family in whatever way makes you most comfortable. I would love to hear from you.

My Family

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family. I am the oldest of four and we were all raised with strong values that helped mold me into the nurturing and compassionate person that I am today. These are traits I will definitely pass on to my child. I am very fortunate to have my sister and her family living nearby. I’m so glad that my child will live close to their cousin so that they can climb trees, ride bikes, build forts, and have many great adventures together! My parents also live close to me and I am so excited that my child will be able to see “Oma” and “Opa” every day. I know that my child will have so much fun with Opa, banging their little fingers on the keys while he teaches them how to play the piano. Oma is so excited to be able to share her kitchen with her grandchild, peeling potatoes and cracking eggs while they make Oma’s yummy German Potato Salad that we have every Christmas Eve!

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