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Cara and Colin Toomey

El Cerrito , CA

Hi! We’re Cara and Colin from the diverse city of El Cerrito, California, just outside San Francisco. We’re excited about growing our family through open adoption. We admire your strength and courage in considering an adoption plan. We have chosen this path because we believe honesty and open communication create strong families. We are eager to share the love in our hearts, and would love the opportunity to get to you know you.

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About Us

We met online through E-Harmony years ago. Colin caught Cara’s attention because of his green, smiling eyes. We have been inseparable ever since! We got married a couple years later in a beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by loved ones (and animals!) at the San Francisco Zoo. Our love has grown so much over the years, and now we are so thrilled to share that love with a child. Colin is a visual designer for a large telecommunications company, with flexibility to work from home. Cara is in school for her second degree in dietetics/nutrition and has a flexible schedule with online classes that will allow her to be at home with our child. We feel blessed that our careers will allow our child to be the focus of our life.

Colin About Cara

Cara is warm, bubbly, creative, smart, and always has a great outlook on life. She is excited to be a mom, and I know her sensitive, caring personality will make her a great mother. A lover of singing and all performing arts, Cara is just itching to sing lullabies to our baby, and later share her passion for the arts as our child gets older.

Cara on Colin

Colin is the most caring, supportive man I have ever met. He has seen me through tough days with kind words and a positive attitude. He always makes sure that I’m happy and fulfilled. I know that he will do the same for our child, offering the support and gentle guidance he or she will need to reach their goals. Colin is a patient teacher and is looking forward to teaching our child all kids of skills including skiing, which he always enjoyed with his family growing up.

Our Home

Our home is on a hill with lovely views of the San Francisco skyline, and a yard large enough for a child to have space to run and play. We look forward to many Frisbee, tag, and hide and go seek games in the yard, and sharing story time with hot chocolate, cozied up on the couch near the brick fireplace with our child. One of the things we love about El Cerrito, is that it’s very family friendly and community oriented. It is not uncommon to see a lemonade stand on our street, and our small city regularly sponsors “street play days” and movies in the park. There are lots of different parks, great schools, and other fun activities for children. It is also very diverse. As well as the diversity in our own family with Cara's African American, and native american heritage, and both of our western european ancestors, our child will grow up with neighbors from many different racial backgrounds, cultures, and religions.

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